Til Peanut Chikki

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Til Peanut Chikki




10 min


10 min

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Til Peanut Chikki is very famous sweet in winter season.Til and Peanuts are first roasted on slow flame and then added to the prepared jaggery syrup.In Til Peanut Chikki addition of cardamom powder and ghee enhances it’s flavor.


Til Peanut Chikki is specially prepared for Makar Sakranti festival in India. This festival is comes in the month of January , when winters are on extreme. Til and Peanuts had warm property, so Til Peanut Chikki not only keep our body warm, but also a great nutritional content.Til and Peanuts are great source of calcium,iron,magnesium,zinc and vitamin B6.


Til Peanut Chikki is equally popular among adults as well as children.All off them enjoyed it lot.Til Peanut Chikki are very nutritious and warming to the body, but can be prepared in 10 minutes and require no big preparations.


So without any further delay, here is simple and easy step by step recipe


So, Let’s Start Now



Til (Sesame seeds) – 150 gm
Peanuts – 150 gm
Jaggery – 300 gm
Pure Ghee (clarified butter) – 1 tbsp
Cardamom Powder – ¼ tsp


1.Dry roast the peanuts in a pan,let them cool down and get their skin off.

2.Dry roast the til for 2 or 3 minutes, roasting more will make seeds brown in colour and bitter in taste.
3.Grease a plate and keep it ready.
4.Coarsely grind peanuts and til in a grinder.
4.Take a wok, add ghee and jaggery(cut in small pieces) and heat on slow flame, Jaggery will start melting and starts bubbling.
5.Keep stirring jaggery till it change it’s colour on slow heat, drop a small quantity of jaggery syrup in cold water and check if jaggery syrup starts hardening, if not then cook more for 2-3 minutes.
6.When hardens then add coarsely grinded peanuts, til and cardamom powder.Mix well and pour on greased plate.
7.Flatten the chikki with the help of greased rolling pin.
8.Give a cut of desired shaped to the chikki when it hot, when cool down it becomes tough to cut.
9. Allow the chikki to cool down for 10 minutes.

10. You can keep these chikki for 15-20 days in airtight container.



Enjoy your Til Peanut Chikki