Instant Bread Ghevar

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Instant Bread Ghevar




10 min


10 min

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Instant Bread Ghevar is quick and delicious recipe perfect for any occasion.This sweet is so light and low in calorie that you can relish it when you are on diet. Just replace sugar powder with any sugar free powder.


Ghevar is one of the most eye-catching sweet of Indian Sweets.It is round shaped Rajasthani Sweet made during the festive season of Teej and Rakhi.Ghevar is made in different forms like plain ghevar,mawa ghevar, malai ghevar and rabdi ghevar.Traditionally ghevar is made with maida(refined flour) pure ghee, sugar, dry fruits, sugar syrup and lots of mawa all of them is rich in calories and fat, so here I present low calorie and delicious recipe that can be consume any time and by anyone and it’s so light that you never feel your stomach heavy.


So in this festive season make these Instant Bread Ghevar at home with easy steps to follow and it is so quick and healthy that you and your family will love it


Here is simple step by step recipe.


So, Let’s Start Now,


Bread slices – 4
Milk – 1 glass
Powdered Sugar – 2 tbsp
Milk Powder – 2 tbsp
Cardamom Powder – ¼ tsp
Saffron – few strands
Butter or pure ghee – 1tbsp
Silver varak – 2-3
Pistachios slices-1 tbsp
Almonds slices – 2 tbsp


1.Take bread slices, I use brown bread( you can also use white bread) cut its edges, then cut In rounds with the help of cutter or bowl(katori) then cut it from the centre as shown in picture with the help of cold drink bottles lid.IMG_1407
2.Spread butter or ghee on round bread slices.IMG_1408
3.Bake it in air fryer or oven at 180 degree for 8 minutes or till golden brown.IMG_1409
4.Now in a sauce pan add milk,sugar powder,cardamom powder and saffron, cook it till reduced to ¼ and made thick rabdi.IMG_1405
5.Now take crisp bread slices, spread rabdi on it and garnish with chopped almond and pistachios slices.IMG_1410
6.Now garnish ghevar with silver varakIMG_1413
7.Enjoy Instant Bread Ghevar easy light and yummy sweet.

Enjoy your Instant Bread Ghevar.