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Hello everyone and welcome to Cook For India, a blog written by Mrs. Achla Jindle which exhibits pure vegetarian recipes, mostly Indian along with some other famous international cuisines.

All the recipes are given step by step with descriptive pictures for easy understanding. Some of the recipes are also accompanied by videos for stepwise instructions and some helpful tips.

Who am I?

I am Mrs. Achla Jindle, a home-maker, whose love for cooking and sharing the happiness through food led to the birth of this blog. I have always been very passionate about cooking from my childhood. I also studied home-science during my schooling and topped in my CBSE result.

I have always dreamt of making a name in the food industry, though my family and responsibilities always kept me busy. Not very long ago, I was introduced to this amazing platform for displaying my talent and ideas. Since then, I have not looked back.

Achla Jindle

I have always dreamt of making a name in the food industry, though my family and responsibilities always kept me busy. Not very long ago, I was introduced to this amazing platform for displaying my talent and ideas. Since then, I have not looked back.

Journey so far

Earlier, I always pursued cooking as my hobby. I used to experiment by adding twists to the routine meals by looking for alternate ingredients, methods, tricks, etc. to prepare healthier and tastier food for my family. I believe that a good cook is the one who can cook delicious meals even out of limited ingredients generally available at home.

I used to participate in small cooking competitions which gave a boost to my morale. I was famous for my skills in my family and my neighborhood, but I knew that was not enough, I wanted more. With my negligible technical knowledge and help of my family, I started writing this blog- CookForIndia and created a Facebook page in 2014. The overwhelming response I received encouraged me to work harder and shortly after, I started posting videos on YouTube also.

Like any other Indian household, we generally have simple Indian food at home. I try to expand my gamut of knowledge by exploring, experimenting and learning. For me, learning never stops. The world of cooking is endless with varied cuisines, traditions, methods, flavors, and nobody can ever know everything. There will always be something left to learn. I have received training in baking as it is one of the areas I love to explore and something very uncommon for Indian style of cooking.

Achla Jindle conducting cooking class at Nestle Creative Kitchen

I received second place in cooking competitions organized by COWE (“Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs”). COWE is a social organization engaged in the social; and economic upliftment if women through entrepreneurship and stands for – “of the women, for the women and by the women”.

I also engaged with Nestle Group and participated in conducting a cooking class using Nestle products like milkmaid, Maggie noodles, soups, etc. I was honored to work with Neeta Mehta and Food Food chef Rakesh Sethi.

Achla Jindle with chef Rakesh Sethi and Neeta Mehta

“Everyone in this world is known for at least one unique quality. I want to be known for my cooking skills and love for my passion.”

About the recipes:

I basically focus on simple recipes with ingredients easily available at home. Along with it, I try to share tips and suggestions so that it becomes easier and faster for everyone.

The recipes shared on the blog are taken from family, friends and sometimes inspired by other recipes. Some recipes are also taken from some cook-books or websites. As I mentioned earlier, I love to modify and invent traditional recipes and make them simple and easy to prepare. All the recipes which I share, I first try them in my kitchen and share only when I’m completely satisfied.

Maintaining a balance between healthy but tasty food is an art in itself. I ensure that my recipes do not lack the “health” factor and try to use whole grains, cereals and fresh ingredients.  Instead of deep-frying, I prefer shallow-frying or using air fryer and always highlight the options in my videos/ blog.

Indian food:

Unlike any other cuisine, Indian food has a vast variety of dishes which changes with location and tradition. All the 28 states in India has their own cuisines and delicacies like Rajasthani food, Maharashtrian food, South Indian food or Awadhi food (Lucknnawi cuisine) which is completely inspired with Mughlai food. The North Indian food is completely different from South Indian food. Their ingredients, spices, cooking oil or even cooking method is totally different.

Food from Jammu & Kashmir is an essential part of Indian cuisine. Even Goan food is famous for its sea-food and West Bengal is famous for its sweets and desserts. Sindhi cuisine has its own specialty, Bihari food is famous for its simple ingredients and cooking method. So welcome to the land of Indian food.


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Achla Jindle

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